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Located at: Air Bail Bonds Los Angeles 205 South Broadway #618 Los Angeles, CA 90012 United States (323) 678-7211 Whether you live in Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Hyde Park, or Walnut Park, Los Angeles Bail Bonds by Air Bail Bonds is here to help release your loved ones from the Los Angeles Jail. We understand that this is probably your first time dealing with an arrest. Air Bail Bonds will assist you in posting bail and getting out of jail fast. We can assist you immediately with your bail bond needs at the Los Angeles jail.

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Family owned Bail Bonds Business serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas since 1960. Air Bail has friendly bail agents available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Call us to get your loved one out of jail.


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State Licensed - All bail agents must be state licensed in California.

When you call Los Angeles Bail Bonds, an experienced bail bond agent will explain the process of posting bail and your financing options. Your agent will act quickly to arrange bail and write the bond. Your bail bond agent will meet you at the Van Nuys jail and work hard to earn a fast release of your loved one.

We can find out electronically the status of arrestees in custody, verify ownership, and credit on indemnitors (Guarantors) of the bond, and have the bond underwritten and qualified in minutes. No need for people to find original Grant Deeds or other time consuming processes, we have the ability to pull them all electronically at no additional cost to the consumer.

We are available now to answer your questions or move into action to start the bail bond process now! We can be at the Los Angeles jail and have the release process started within 30 minutes

Los Angeles Bail Bonds by Air Bail Bonds. Get out of the Los Angeles jail fast.